Andrew from Grace Catering was professional and super fun to work with! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! The banquet for our wedding was AMAZING, especially the lobster! Even though the day was busy for us, I still had time to sneak in a piece of that succulent lobster, and it was DELICIOUS! The staff that served our sit down banquet were also courteous. Thank you Grace Catering for makin! g our wedding so memorable!

Phoebe Guo (Chan)
San Diego
Event Date: November 2014

We hired Andrew and his team for our wedding and they were a big hit! Andrew has a lot of energy and really knows what he is doing. The food was plentiful (10 courses), tasty, and high quality (lobster, prawns, etc). His team is very experienced and can execute in any conditions. They built out their own kitchen at our venue brought 2 cooks and cooked all the food fast and completely fresh for 250+ guests! Not to mention, the wait staff was very professional. They were dressed well, kind, and very efficient. If you are looking for a Chinese banquet style meal for your event, Andrew is definitely the way to go.

Janelle L.
West Covina
Event Date: October 2014

Andrew at Grace Catering is very professional. He and his team deliver excellent food and even our American guests loved it. He communicates openly and will get back to you right away when you e-mail him. He even gives you his personal cell phone number. Andrew and his team are very experienced and he knows the catering business very well. It also helped that we had our wedding at the Diamond Bar Center and the staff at that Center knows Andrew.

Ken O.
Mailbu, CA
Event Date: September 2014

We were very fortunate to come across Andrew and his catering team! We used Hotel Banquet (aka Grace Catering) for our wedding last April and we cannot imagine using any other companies!

Andrew, the owner, is not only professional but very personal and actually cares for his clients. His staff and managers are also wonderful! Throughout the stress of our wedding planning season, Andrew made the catering and food part so smooth and easy. He really went out of his way to accommodate to our needs and gave us extra advice and guidance for our wedding day event. We got to sit down and meet with Andrew a few times, and he was always there to answer questions that we had.

In addition to the amazing service from this team, our guest loved the food. At first, we were concern about catering our ethically diverse guest list but the food from Hotel Banquet fulfilled most if not all taste buds! To this day, we continually receive compliments of how delicious the food was, thanks to the chefs at Hotel Banquet!

My wedding coordinator worked closely with the managers and thought that they were among the most caring, kind, and most professional people to work with

Therefore, thumbs up in all areas with this company - from the food itself to professionalism, from personal care to reasonable prices... Hotel Catering deserves five stars in all aspects of service.

We hope this use this company in future events and continue to refer them to our dear friends and family.

Q T.
Diamond Bar, CA
Event Date: September 2014

If you're searching for a Chinese caterer look no further than Hotel Banquet. We just had our wedding in Diamond Bar and Uncle Andrew and his team did an amazing job, we couldn't be happier! Yup, we now call him "Uncle" Andrew, because he truly puts his heart and soul into making sure your special day goes right. Not only does he give you advice about food selection, but he also takes the time to provide you other important details to consider for the big day. He can be adamant about things sometimes, but it's only in your best interest.

If you care about authentic Chinese food, Hotel Banquet really brings that to your table. They actually bring the whole kitchen to the venue and are wok-ing onsite! Food is fresh and delicious. Parents were very happy and we received a lot of compliments from relatives and friends.

Wendy C.
Diamond Bar, CA
Event Date: September 2014

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!! Words cannot express how appreciative i am of your and your staff.

Your food was amazing, awesome, perfect, and spectacular!

I am so lucky to have found your catering company. All the guests were in absolute amazement of the quality of food you provided. I have never seen so many guests asking to take food home!! And your level of experience was beyond expectations.

I wish I could have ate more food!!

Thank you so much for your help and guidance through during our wedding and the days leading up to it. You were so perfectly professional and gave us some of the best advice a bride could ask for. Thank you for making our day so perfect. I could not have asked for a better meal.

A million THANKS.
All the best,

Los Angeles, CA
Event Date: July 2014

Grace Catering/Hotel Banquet was AMAZING! They were the caterers for my wedding on 8/9/2014. Andrew is very experienced and we had SO much food at our wedding. Our guests commented how much they love the food. They also LOVED how Andrew prepared 6 buffet lines for 400+ people so no one waited for more than 10 mins to get their food! I've been at a wedding with 300 people with only 1 buffet line and it took more than an hour to have everyone get their food. It was pretty terrible. I didn't have to worry about a thing knowing that Andrew was there and had all the details taken care of. I would HIGHLY recommend Grace Catering for your wedding/event. :)

Christine L.
Rowland Heights, CA
Event Date: September 2014

Hotel banquet/grace catering really made my party remarkable! I had a 30 persons party at my backyard, as Grace catering promised, they set up almost everything for the party on time. All of my guests were so impressed with the food which were much better than other catering companies'. After party, all we did just packed the leftover, Grace catering come back the next day to clean up all their belongings neatly. The quality of food and services they provide are better than what I expected! Some of my quests asked for Grace catering's number during the party, so be ready to be inquired if you're going to have Hotel Banquet/Grace catering to do the party for you!

Eva S.
Diamond Bar, CA
Event Date: September 2014

We received truly exceptional service from the manager, Andrew Wang. We had never hired professional caterers for a small party before but wanted to have amazing food for our guests celebrating our baby's birthday. Andrew did not disappoint. He is very experienced, and was very accessible and accommodating of personal preferences and tastes. He was meticulous in planning every detail of the day. Our server, Tony was also wonderful. Both really went the extra mile for us and helped make the party a huge success. It sounds like Grace Catering/Hotel Banquet mostly serves large weddings and parties, but even for our smaller celebration (50-60 people), it was perfect. Would highly recommend them if you want to have a stress-free day because they will manage all the fine details of food setup, drinks, desserts, cleanup and everything in-between so you can enjoy your party. Food was also fresh, delicious, and plentiful. Still enjoying it one day later.

V C.
Los Angeles, CA
Event Date: September 2014

Andrew Wang has been in the business for a long time and when he said he knows what he is doing, he knows! We were glad Grace catering provided food for our wedding. Food and drink wise, he took care of everything for us. He created a new appetizer menu for us since most of the appetizers menu were all fried food.

Grace Catering also provided us with the wedding cake and everyone raved how good the cake was. The sweetness is just right and the cake just had enough sponginess to it. So awesome!

We had overabundant food at the wedding and everyone had a great time. I wish we didn't order extra food at the last minute as there were so many leftover, but all is good as we don't want the food to have ran out.

inge t.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Event Date: July 2014

Hotel Banquet/Grace Catering just catered my wedding on 9/29/2013. Andrew and his staff went above and beyond my expectations. They prepared all the food (10-course Asian banquet style) on-site at the DBC and it was just as good as the tasting event at his restaurant. They also provided hor d'oeuvres during cocktail hour and many guests raved about it. Andrew even provided a "tea station" with 5 different types of teas, which was amazing!

Overall, Andrew and his staff were fantastic. Everyone was very professional, they worked well with our other vendors and everything went smoothly. We were able to enjoy our wedding and did not have to stress about anything.

I feel like Andrew really cared about us and went the extra mile to ensure that our event went well. I would definitely recommend him to cater any event.

Johnny T.
Irvine, CA
Event Date: October 2013

I had the lucky fortune of being able to attend a tasting to sample their wedding banquet course. I have to say every dish came out beautifully. The presentation was on point-any meticulous bride would approve. I also liked that their dishes were not too "authentic" as to scare off any non-Asian wedding guests. This is really important because I've been to weddings where dishes were not touched because the non-asian guests thought the food to be too "wierd". No one would be happy if they spent $100 on a dish to have it go down the drain!

Some reviewers have mentioned that Andrew is not very friendly. I actually found it to be quite the contrary! He was extremely friendly from the moment he called me to confirm my reservation and I saw him joking with several of the guests during dinner. You can really tell he loves what he does. Who wouldn't love a job that brought food to a wonderful wedding celebration?

So, if you are looking for a caterer to cater a traditional Asian banquet, I do recommend trying them out. Sign up for their tastings if you get a chance!

To check out what kind of menus/prices they have: go to their other website: http://www.gracecatering...

Their prices are definitely reasonable! Their buffets range from $13 to $46/pp and for an addtional $1.50 per guest, they will include dessert, fruits Tray, Soft Drinks, Ice, Table Cloth, Napkins, China Plate.

LuCy t.
Irvine, CA
Event Date: December 2013

Don't want to be repetitive, but Hotel Banquet/Grace Catering was our best wedding vendor last May. Best way to judge who is the best vendor? The one that always calls you back, communicates well with you, works with your venue and other vendors, and most importantly, the one vendor you barely had to manage during the wedding day itself. That was Hotel Banquet / Grace Catering.

Wifey and I were looking for a good chinese caterer, the full 10-course deal with peking duck, lobster, shrimp, steamed fish, you know what i'm talking about. Chinese wedding: most important thing has to be food. Of course...wifey and I wanted to do this crazy outdoor location, where there was no kitchen. You'd think that of all places in the country that you could find a chinese caterer that can cook all this stuff outdoors, it would be LA. Nope. We hunted and hunted, did a couple of tastings, but we had a hard time finding even 1 such caterer. We met and almost contracted with Crystal Jade, but their owner kept promising they could do things, but kept blowing us off by email and phonecalls. They were terrible in their communications.

Enter Andrew (AWESOME). Not only was he super good about communications, but he didn't try to nickel and dime us, and really wanted to provide a good experience on our most important day. We had a tasting, negotiated on our price a bit, worked with us on a custom menu/dishes, and was an overall dream for any person who is already anal retentive about details of their big event. He was great in working with our location coordinator seamlessly.

The food was a bit hit come wedding day. While I don't think the food was as perfect as restaurant quality, I would say they did fantastic given the fact that they had to bring their entire kitchen and cook everything from scratch. The lobster and soup was a huge hit, and service by his team was fantastic. Easily our best caterer, and we only wish we could recommend him to more people.

Andrew..thank you so much for a great experience!

Y M.'s
San Francisco, CA
Event Date: May 2012

What can I say that hasn't already been said?! The reviews with 5 stars most accurately reflect my experience with Hotel Banquet (Grace Catering) and Andrew Wang. If you're looking for a Chinese family style banquet for your wedding, this is the place to go.

My coworker, who was married about 7 years ago referred me to Andrew. Her guests still talk about how amazing the food was at her wedding years later. She warned me though, that he's not cuddly and friendly.... all business. My husband and our parents went to the food tasting - he has a few every year. $100 refundable deposit for you and your fiancé - for our parents, it was $40 per couple. Come hungry. The food was amazing and the servings were huge! A few weeks later, we met with Andrew to figure out exactly what we wanted for our menu and the costs. He's very to the point and doesn't waste your time. He listens to what you want, gives you suggestions if needed and we were able to negotiate with him. I appreciated that.

Our wedding menu:
Cold cut platter
Shark fin soup with crab
Stif fried lobster with garlic sauce
Honey walnut prawns
Chinese broccoli and Chinese mushrooms
Chicken with ginger and green onions
Filet Mignon with onions and garlic (Andrew style)
Fried fish with sweet and sour sauce
Fried rice
Fresh fruit

I had my wedding at a golf course with servers who never had served family style before. Andrew had his banquet manager, James, train all their staff before the wedding. Food is cooked outside with their own equipment and immediately brought out steaming hot. We had 20 tables. Andrew provided the teapots, teacups, chopsticks, soup spoons/bowls and lazy susans without an additional cost. The lazy susans are a dark red color - my wedding colors were hot pink and black. We just went to LA to buy hot pink satin and elastic. My husband's mom made all 20 of the lazy susan covers.

My friends are still talking about how amazing the food was and how they left the wedding stuffed. The servings are huge and everything was so tasty! I will never hesitate to use Andrew for all our future catering needs or to refer him to all our friends with upcoming weddings :) Andrew doesn't disappoint. I can't emphasize that enough. Best $11,500 spent!

Kim S.
Los Alamitos, CA
Event Date: June. 2012

I did a lot of research on chinese caterers in OC and LA and didn't find much who were licensed and had good quality food. Our friend used Furiwa for their wedding and they did not recommend Furiwa because they were not friendly to work with and they gave small portions for what they charged and they said their food wasn't good. The other catering company I looked into was Grace Catering (Hotel Banquet). I read some reviews on Yelp and saw some low ratings but since Grace Catering hosted a free tasting around that time, we decided to check it out.

The tasting consisted of a 8-9 course traditional chinese dinner- banquet style. Each plate that came out was big and full of food. There were 10 to a table and there were left overs to take home. I asked Andrew if that is the amount they normally serve on the day of the wedding and he said "Of Course". He say that he doesn't do any advertising and his servings and quality advertises itself. The lobster dish consisted of 5 lbs of lobster ( 2.5 lb each X2) and it was delicious. Every dish was flavorful and fresh. Grace Catering does not heat up their food, they cook fresh on the spot and serve right away. We were really impressed with the tasting!

Several weeks after the tasting we met with Andrew to get more info on the menu and pricing and details of our venue to see if he was able to cater in the Estate we had picked. He assured us it wasn't a problem and that he was experienced and for us to not worry. I'm not really a laid back person when it comes to planning and I asked a lot of questions to make sure that we are on the same page and Andrew was very patient in answering all of my concerns. I felt that he had been running that catering business for so long and have so much experience I felt confident that he will do a good job because everything he told us made perfect sense. I trusted my instincts because Andrew came across as professional and knowledgable in his profession.

Andrew did not let us down.. on the day of the wedding, everything went smoothly and James (catering manager) and the crew were professional and was all smiles the whole time. Andrew dropped by to congratulate us that day too!

After the wedding we received so many compliments.. over and over we heard " Your caterer gave a lot of food, it was the most food I've ever seen at a wedding." My aunt asked me if we had paid double for the quantity of food on each plate and I told her NO, our caterer is very generous with portions. Others said " The food didn't seem like it had MSG because I was not thirsty afterwards."

I think a lot of people were surprised of how fresh and tasty the food was because they thought that catered food would just be heated up, but in fact Grace Catering cooks all their food fresh on the spot. And that was another reason why we picked Grace Catering over others.

Marianne S.
Los Alamitos, CA
Event Date: March. 2012

We recently had our wedding reception catered by Hotel Banquet (Grace Catering) at Diamond Bar Center for 160 people.

Based on past weddings we've attended, food at a wedding is not the most memorable thing ever. But we're actually surprised by the numerous guests that come to us several weeks after the wedding to let us know how much they liked and enjoyed the food. As with any good Chinese food, we personally saw plenty of friends grabbing multiple "to go" boxes for all the left over food. Also, we were pleasantly surprised since the food that was served tasted much better than what we had during our taste testing (which was also happened to be free for the both of us).

Andrew is quite an interesting guy. If your easy going, then I'm sure you'd get along with him just fine... But if you the kind of person that is "my way or the high way", then you'd probably have a tough time with him. He tends to give quite a few "suggestions" regarding the banquet, which is more like the "do as I say" kind of suggestion. This is the part that apparently quite a few couples will get caught up on. Follow his advice, though it may not match your ideas perfectly, and things will go just fine, like he promises... don't follow his highly recommended advice, and well... he doesn't really like it when people don't follow his advice, but after all what does he know right? He's only been in this industry for the last many, many years. We had quite a few things not go according to plan during our wedding, BUT thankfully, everything "food" related went completely smoothly, all thanks to Andrew and his staff.

As an added bonus, if you listen to him, like you would to your favorite uncle, then he provides quite a lot of advice and prior experience regarding your wedding.

Reasonably priced.
Waiters and manager were kind and quite helpful.
Provided small dish portions of food for our sweetheart table, which was above and beyond the contract agreement.
Food tasted great, or so quite a large majority of our guests say so.
His repeated reassurances that thing will go just fine (which they did) gave us a much needed peace of mind for the day of (unlike some other vendors)
Andrew gave lots of insight regarding what to do and avoid for our wedding.

Andrew gave lots of insight regarding what to do and avoid for our wedding... there are people that may not take it all that well when his advice isn't quite what their wedding looked like in their mind

Charles C.
Temple City, CA
Event Date: March. 2012

Andrew and Grace Catering are AMAZING! If we could give this company a 6, we would.

He's Taiwanese and at first seems a little overbearing... He really thinks he's the best and he will tell you so himself. LOL. But he really is great and he'll make sure you get all your arrangements for the big day and he'll give you hints on how to not make certain mistakes for the food/wedding site/various arrangements. He's very responsible and my husband was initially scared of him, but turns out, he was the most helpful vendor during the whole wedding process. He even showed up at our wedding to make sure everything was going ok, when he's not paid to do so (there was already a manager from his company). We had an outdoor wedding and they cooked on site, prepared everything fresh and had very nice looking covering for their cooking area. His people were professional, showed up on time, dressed appropriately for the events, cooked DELICIOUS food and at very cheap prices. We HIGHLY recommend him!

elizabeth l.
Los Angeles, CA
Event Date: February. 2012

Andrew and the staff at Hotel Banquet(Grace Catering) really are exceptional at what they do and how they do it.

We had a wedding reception in a fully outdoor venue. This means that the chefs and staff cooked and served a 10 course Chinese meal to 130 guests, completely outdoors and on grass successfully and with precision. Their food was cooked fresh at the wedding site. They time the wedding and cook start time so that as soon as the guests are seated, they are served immediately with fresh, delicious food. This is definitely not the case in your typical pre-prepped, pre-cooked, in the heater type of wedding reception dinner.

The vegetarian guests were served additional vegetarian dishes at the table as well. They really enjoyed those dishes and appreciated that those were as well thought out as the other traditional dishes.

My wife and I had a sweetheart table. So they made sure that dishes were served to us in smaller china and in the right portion, to allow us to enjoy all the courses. Andrew stressed to us that we had to make sure we eat during the wedding (sometimes brides/grooms eat very little with how fast weddings move). His staff was attentive and made sure we were properly taken care of with priority, this really helped in his advice.

Value and pricing is excellent with Hotel Banquet. The quality of food/service/staff relative to the price you pay is very very good.

Andrew is easy to work with, he thinks of all the logistical details and plans everything out to a T. This keeps you from having to stress out about all the little catering details, he just thinks of all of it for you in foresight. Funny guy too, I enjoyed our meetings.

Jimmy L.
Rowland Heights, CA
Event Date: Oct. 2011

We researched other catering companies but ultimately went with Hotel Banquet aka Grace Catering (I don't know why they go by diff names!) because of the value. We got quotes from Furiwa and Grace Catering for 20 tables; Andrew from Grace Catering quoted around 12k and Stacie from Furiwa quoted 22k.

I'll tell you now that Andrew is not your nice-uber-friendly-so-excited-that-you're-getting- married type of guy. His company is there to cook and serve good food. He's all business, no BS, and definitely knows what he's doing. Stacie from Furiwa is like your BFF who wants to help you with all sorts of wedding stuff and she'll emphasize that you'll get more than just food from her, you'll get a pseudo wedding coordinator.

While I was tempted to have the nice girly gal who wanted to help me with decorations and other suggestions, it was not worth the extra $8000 or so. I think Furiwa would be good for someone who needs the extra hand holding and assistance throughout their wedding. When it comes to weddings I didn't really need that from a caterer -- I wanted someone who knows what exactly what their job is and who will do it expediently and professionally. Andrew is fit the bill.

We initially had reservations about hosting a Chinese banquet cooked entirely outdoors in propane woks -- how was that going to work? Is the food going to be cold? Will it be prepared on time? Can they handle 18 tables at once? My husband had numerous phone calls and visits to Andrew and assured me that everything would work out fine, and boy did they ever deliver. The menu was exactly as we planned; food was served on-time, hot, and delicious. We served a cold cuts platter, sharks fin soup, beef, lobster, walnut prawns, steamed fish, abalone, and fried rice. Yum! In addition, the waiters were professional and knew what they were doing. They all have been handpicked by Andrew and have worked with him for a long time.

I recommend going to Andrew's tastings, you can find the dates on the website. It's $100 per couple, refundable. Just fill out the form and he'll give you directions on sending your deposit. You'll get the check back when you show up. Show up VERY hungry! Our wedding menu ended up being quite similar to the tasting menu. Andrew was very flexible in allowing us some substitutions for our wedding day. Throughout the process, Andrew was very communicative and responded via email or phone call promptly.

Another thing to keep in mind with serving Chinese food at American venues- you have to ask the catering company if things like linens, chopsticks, plates, lazy susans, soup spoons/bowls, etc are included. Furiwa wanted to charge us like $1500 extra for them to provide those things, including $1pp for chopsticks. Grace Catering includes everything in their set prices. Also, Furiwa has a ridiculous 3k set up and tear down fee. Grace catering charges a fee too, but it was much less- like 1k?

The only caveat is that if you had some vegetarian guests, Andrew won't cook separate veggie meals for them. I solved that problem by finding a Thai restaurant nearby my reception that offered a variety of veggie dishes and that delivered.

So besides the food you gotta keep the other extras in mind when picking a caterer. If you're looking for the qualities listed above, then Andrew at Grace Catering/Hotel Banquet is your vendor!

Jeannie J.
Event Location: Hawthorne, CA
Event Date: Feb. 2011

Andrew is a wonderful caterer with a professional and efficient staff that made our dining needs stress free. Being in the food business ourselves, I can honestly say that Grace Catering is on their "A" Game as we found out from beginning to end.

My wife (fiancé during that time) and I were having a whirlwind schedule trying to organize a 450 (guest and vendors) person wedding in 3 months time, and our wonderful sister in-law was the hero finding both the venue and Andrew's company.

Having someone that understands what it takes to logistically handle a buffet style set-up for a large party and is willing to be honest with you with what we can expect and what we should take of on our end was crucial for our receptions success. We had an 12 entrees that we chose. This included

Stir Fried Spicy Squid with Veggies & Peanuts
Braised Beef Short Ribs with Chinese Radish
Korean Style Seasoned Potato Noodle & Veggies
House Baked Chicken
Honey Walnut with Prawn
Fresh Mushrooms & Baby Bok Choy Cold platter
Smoked Duck
Salt & Pepper Blue Crabs
Sautéed Prawn with Sauce
Whole Fish Sweet and Sour
Stir fried beef
Shanghai Chow Mein

On top of this Andrew, included 3 more dishes of beautifully presented fresh fruit, sesame buns, and rice. There was more then enough food for people to stack high plates of meat, another plate of seafood, and a runback for starches and veggies.

With an idea of our budget requirements Andrew made it clear that a buffet was our best financial option, but offered to have his staff serve our parents tables as well as our couple table. The original schematics drawn up for the Friendship Auditorium in Griffith Park had our buffet area shaped in a "T" formation, which had our guests snaking around the tables to serves themselves. Being busy taking pictures and attending to wedding couple duties, I was quite surprised seeing that they were able to break the table up into 2 parallel rows with enough decorative chaffing frames and linens for each section to have the entrees mentioned above. This sped up food service by nearly a full hour as now 4 separate lines were made available to our guests to serve themselves and return for seconds or thirds as they liked. For those that know, that is absolutely huge in wedding timelines because of the tight scheduling and usual delays associated with such a program.

All in all, there were only a few criteria my wife and I had in having a wedding reception.

  1. A space large enough to fit as many of our friends, family, and community together to thank them for being a part of our lives.
  2. Awesome music provided by our circle of talented musicians and DJs.
  3. Booze Booze Booze
  4. Enough good food with variety for folks to enjoy

Andrew, James, and Grace Catering handled the last item soundly within a budget that I can guarantee is more then reasonable and fair. With an excellent service that keeps you from having to worry about that aspect of the party, allowing you to focus on your newly married partner and your guests.

Johneric C.
Event Location: Los Angeles, CA
Event Date: Jan, 2011

Andrew and his crew did an amazing job at our wedding recently.
Andrew was very helpful and accomodating throughout the planning.
We had a buffet style dinner and Andrew helped us customize the menu to accomodate our needs.

They served good quality food and they were very delicious.
I was afraid my in laws who usually picky with food, wouldn't like the menu. But they were very happy and satisfied. We even got compliments from our guests about the food.

Thanks Andrew and staffs for making our wedding memorable. I highly reccomend Andrew to anyone who's looking for good quality food.

Event Date: June 26, 2010
Event Location: Orcutt Ranch

I'm a wedding coordinator located in Orange County; I recently had the pleasure of working with Andrew Wang and his team for one my clients' weddings. I'm very picky about vendors, especially caterers so I had my usual doubts. However, my clients had already contracted with this caterer (also known as Grace Catering) so I knew I had to make the best of it no matter what the situation. We worked together at one of the more difficult venues to work in Orange County and I was pleasantly surprised by Andrew and his team. They did an amazing job! They were always gracious and smiling. They worked incredibly hard to make sure they kept to our strict timeline. The presentation of the food was beautiful. I heard many of the bridal party and guests commented on how plentiful and wonderful the food tasted. At some point near the end of the evening, I tried the Honey Walnut Shrimp and I can tell you the guests had it right because it was absolutely amazing! If you are looking for a caterer that can create fabulous Chinese cuisine for your event or wedding, I encourage you to check this establishment out. You are sure to be impressed!

Kerry P.
July 20, 2010
Lake Forest, CA

My wedding was catered by Andrew and his company three years ago, now my daughter is 2, and we send Andrew my daughter's photo on Christmas card every year. That's how much we love him and his company's service.

I was wandering on http://Yelp.com when I bumped into Hotel Banquet's reviews. I am amazed how different the opinion is on this business and on Andrew. I did lots of research before my own wedding. In the end, no one could beat Andrew's price and quality, not even close. We went to his food tasting, which is full course dinner served just like at an actual wedding, we were impressed. So were our guests at the wedding. Our wedding was a sit-down dinner at the Arboretum, where Andrew and his crew set up their mobile kitchen outside the garden, no lights at the night other than their own lights. The dishes turned out to be warm, fresh, delicious and the portion is huge. Many guests complimented us especially on the food, and a few of our guests contacted us after the wedding for their contact info. I have since introduced a few other friends to Andrew who catered their weddings successfully.

Besides the quality of the food, his crew's service is wonderful too. They had a parade of waiting staff at the beginning of serving dinner. I've only seen that at a dinner on a cruise. Their waiting staff are nice and polite, very thorough when it comes to explaining things to the guests or changing forks to chopsticks or vice versa. I have not heard any complaint from any guest afterwards.

As to Andrew's customer service style, my husband and I like him a lot. He is a very straight forward person, some may interpret it as being blunt. But he is indeed an extremely nice person. He is always willing to help, trying to think of ways to work under your budget. He is not the type that will nickel and dime you either. He would go to the wedding site to do his research before the wedding, and remind the staff at the venue what to prepare to accommodate on-site catering. Many staff do not really have a clue, but with Andrew's long-time experience in this business, he makes sure to patch all loose ends before the wedding. He is a perfectionist, which might have contributed to the conversation where he insisted someone to buy the Costco table. I think he meant well. He is very meticulous when it comes to the quality of his food and service. He would even commend his kitchen staff to chop the lobsters in certain size, not too small, not too big, so that all pieces would have enough flavor, and the lobster meat remains in the shell when served. When we went to him for initial consultation, we brought the menu we chose, circled the dishes we want, and told him our budget. He switched around some dishes, suggested a few ways to save money and look good on the table, then, it's done.

All in all, I am extremely happy with his service, and I will continue referring my friends to him.

Event Location: Arboretum, Arcadia

When our friend introduced us to Hotel Banquet, we had no idea who they were. But now we would like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew, the owner, for doing an exceedingly superb job in catering my daughter's wedding reception.

It all started when Andrew helped us designed the food items that were within our budget for 400 wedding guests. And then we were a little concerned about the quantity not being enough if all 400 guests showed up. It was with Andrew's professional experience that he not only eased our concerns, but also gave us the satisfaction guaranteed.

Another thing that we really appreciate Andrew's expertise is that he suggested using cocktail tables at the reception area. We loved his creative idea and the tables really made the room looked elegant.

Thank you, Andrew, for making the most important event in our lives beautiful and memorable.

Mr. & Mrs. Lin
Event Date: June 19, 2010
Event Location:First Evangelical Church of Cerritos

We've met with Andrew about seven months before our wedding. During our first meeting, Andrew's detail-oriented knowledge was so impressive. After the meeting, we felt that Andrew's professional experience is very trustworthy and we're very confident that Andrew would help us a lot in our wedding banquet.

Before our wedding, Andrew helped us a lot in determing the food, drink, wedding cake, etc. He also provided many good suggestions regarding the layout and helpers in the ceremony.

Finally, on the big day, the food turned out to be so good, delicious and abundant. Some friends, who have attended many weddings, said that this is the first time they've seen so much delicious food in the wedding ceremony. The wedding cake is very delicous too. We've followed Andrew's idea of just sprinkling some red roses on the cake. This simple idea really made the wedding cake to be so beautiful. Andrew's staff were very capable and experienced. We hardly saw them in the ceremony, but we knew they worked hard in making everything so organized and beautiful.

Everything was so perfect in our wedding. Andrew and his crew's help in the banquet was a big part of it. We really appreciate their help. Great job, Andrew and his staff!

Event Date: June 12, 2010
Event Location: Calvary Church, Santa Ana

We had a 400 people wedding at the South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verde. I'm a wedding planner and my bride Sarah asked me for some suggestion for catering. I gave Sarah 10 catering companies to choose from. After some food tasting, she decided to use Hotel Banquet. On the wedding day the food was very good with a variety of selections for the guests. Also there was more than enough food for every one. The quality is excellent and the staffs were professional.

Andrew is the main contact person through out the planning and he was very experienced and also provided useful advice. He will suggest what kind of food base on your guests' background. He knows what dishes are popular among different group of people. You really get more than what you paid for. The price is so reasonable for the quality of the food. Over all every one enjoyed the food very much.

Sandy Liang, Aquafuzion Inc.
Event Date: June, 2010
Event Location: South Coast Botanic Garden

Andrew was more than helpful in making this event turn out to be wonderful. He helped take care of a lot of the small things so we could concentrate on what was important, our wedding! When he says he'll take care of it, believe him because he will definitely take care of it for you. Thanks to Andrew and the entire staff for making our wedding memorable.

Event Date: February 14, 2010
Event Location: Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts

Great job. Very fast, professional, courteous service. Everyone loved the food. Thank you! We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Judy Lai
Event Date: January 23, 2009
Event Location: Pasadena, CA

Andrew saved my day. With only one day prior notice of the event, I had no idea what to expect. Finally, I called Andrew and all arrangements were done in 30 minutes. Online menu order was easy to navigate. His input and suggestions were genuine. On the event date only 5 hours prior to the event, he even allowed me to change the entire menu. It was a garden buffet for 35 people and with only one server the service was attentive and professional. The best most popular dish was the $120 sushi/sashimi platter, served on a platinum boat, was good sized and very fresh. Other dishes cooked to perfection include, grilled shrimp, Korean noodles, sea cucumber, etc. The outcome was beyond expectation. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is planning an event.

Event Date: January 30, 2009
Event Location: Irvine, CA

Dear Andrew,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to you and your staff at Grace Catering and L.A. Catering!

We at the Crystal Cathedral want to thank you for all the ways you have served us all through the years!

You have provided a wonderful service to our brides and grooms for the most important day in their lives. They have been tended to with every detail by you and the staff at Grace Catering and L.A. Catering!

You have also been so very generous to us in providing food for our Community Outreach event every year. You have gone above and beyond to make our Community Fest an amazing day!

We sincerely thank you and your team for all they do for us here at the Crystal Cathedral and wish you every success in the years to come!

Event Date: December 22, 2008
Michelle Cavinder
Director Men's, Women's and Learning Network

Amazing food!!! Wonderful service. Exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be recommending Andrew and his staff to anyone needing catering service. They went above and beyond to make sure my wedding day was a success and I got so... many compliments about the food. It was unbelievable. Every single person loved it!! Not one complaint!!! Thanks so much Andrew. You are simply the best!!!! I hope everyone see's this review and books you right away!!!!

Tran Han,
Event Date: 12/06/2008
Event Location: Diamond Bar, CA